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Motion Builders Will Help Your Organization Build and Maintain an Effective Staff through Knowledge Cloning.

Whether you’ve just started your own business, or have been in the market for years - maintaining and rebuilding business knowledge can be complicated and exhausting. At Motion Builders, we believe that your business knowledge is a valuable asset worth protecting. We offer an approach that will grow the knowledge and effectiveness of all your staff members. 

Our Objective

 We understand that business knowledge is the key to your organization’s success. With our unique process that collects and delivers critical business knowledge from non-traditional sources, we provide customized solutions that help build and maintain the business knowledge of our clients. 

Our Approach With Knowledge Cloning

What is Knowledge Cloning?  Motion Builders' unique patent pending process designed to reproduce  lost or diminished  business knowledge  from knowledge holders and deliver it in an easily accessible platform. 

Knowledge Cloning's success relies on three critical components used by all effective staff members: Knowledge, Experience, and Engagement. Motion Builders' objective is to grow knowledge and experience in every staff member by extracting information from past and present knowledge holders.  The resulting information is delivered through an easy to use platform that drives engagement for all and continuous knowledge cloning for your organization.  

Continuous Knowledge Cloning provides organizations with the ability to improve all aspects of business operations impacted by inexperienced staff members. 

 Knowledge Cloning Services 

We want to help you succeed. Get in touch today to learn more about our customized knowledge cloning solutions.

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